Handbag and accessories patternmaking, sampling, and small and large scale production

About leatherworks by artur0

Leatherworks by Arturo has been a cornerstone in Made in America handbags and accessories for over 37 years. We have adapted to the global and ever changing market without compromising our 8,000 sq ft factory and jobs in Union City, NJ. We offer guidance to new brands and are a great sampling and manufacturing partner for new and well established companies. We create custom pattern sets, samples, one off duplication's, as well as small and large production runs. We offer consulting services for all design, technical issues, and product development needs. We also specialize in sourcing leather, canvas, lining, as well as market and custom hardware.

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Each of our clients has unique needs and goals. We listen and communicate each step of the process clearly so our customers can get the end result they want. 


Working with us means working with unmatched experience in this industry. The owners, sample makers, and our employees have knowledge and expertise in everything they do. 


You design, we create. Our goal is to give you the highest quality product while also finding the most efficient and cost effective way to plan your production. 


We are more than your factory, we are a partner and resource for any brand or client we work with. We take privacy very seriously and will always treat your designs with the utmost confidentiality.

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